The children who walked in Birmingham were passive troopers carrying out the wishes of adults. They were pawns in a much more complex game. The Douglas students are not pawns. The Big Top has everything new you’d expect, along with a few curious services. (How many people, I wondered, visit the “skin tag removal” booth?) Used and vintage items are mostly confined to Building P, the so called Yard Sale building, where I snagged my best find in two weekends of flea marketing a rare sapphire blue Fostoria pitcher and 20 matching pieces for $72. That’s less than $4 each for lovely vintage glassware that would sell for much more in an antique mall or on eBay..

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All of that yackity yack about diversity you listened to at the information session at each college emphasized the value of different viewpoints, cultures and experiences but they didn’t really mean it, apparently. The college that rejected you didn’t extend that love of diversity to a love of diversity of grade point averages. Those liars.

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