If you Develop A Happy Relationship With Food, controlling your weight would be no problem. Your mood and energy level will improve, and
you will feel like a million bucks. You should not feel guilty for enjoying food. Society causes people to have a tunnel vision about healthy food, and it narrows our food choices. Sure fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes are the most healthy foods to consume, but you can also enjoy some of the taboo foods. Just remember, all things in moderation.

I think it is high time to remove the guilt, and consider food in a different light. Keep it in a category of things you enjoy, not something you are
afraid to approach.

Here are some ideas on how to update your attitude on food:

1. Make each calorie count: On your next trip to the supermarket, take the time to explore the fresh foods sections. Touch, feel, smell the foods
that you can incorporate into a custom made recipe. Have some fun.

2. Create a healthy appreciation for food: Come to the realization that food can provide you with the nutrients you need to thrive, and really enjoy a pain-free life. You will learn which foods make you feel bad, and which foods keep you healthy.

3. Dieting is not a lifestyle: It is a planned food intake, for a limited period of time. This concept of Dieting that we are all exposed to creates
an unrealistic, unhealthy way of looking at food, that causes you to constantly think about it, and makes you want it more. Try to limit your most
indulgent food sessions to happy experiences, like weddings, parties and family and friend gatherings. This will give it less guilt, a more positive memory, and put you on the road to developing a happy relationship with food.

4. Forget about eating everything on the plate: You were taught this as a child. You should only eat until you feel satisfied. It is not your job to
finish everything in front of you. Take smaller portions, and you will finish it all.

Remember that food is a vital part of the enjoyment of life. When we think of food in this way, only then are we able to develop a more positive and grateful attitude towards eating. Our daily intake of food should not only be nutritive, but tasty and fulfilling as well. This is how positive weight management becomes easy.

Total nutrition should not be complicated, but should be enjoyable and easy. Restrictive eating gives us a distorted and unhealthy image of food and fitness. A quick way to manage your weight, and learn the proper eating habits, is by going on the Blueline Products Diet Protocol, accompanied by their Weight Loss Liquid Drops. This has been proven by thousands of people to be an effective, fast, safe method of shedding those extra pounds, and developing a happy relationship with food.

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 Develop A Happy Relationship With Food

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