The results of random and fixed effects models in analyses with low heterogeneity are the same, and if heterogeneity is present the random effects model is generally more conservative. We performed non stratified meta analyses for all outcomes, based on all trials. Prespecified stratified analyses were performed based on mean baseline SBP and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) in all participants, mean in treatment SBP and DBP for the intervention group, and mean differences in SBP and DBP between groups during follow up.

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pandora bracelets We considered trials with high or unclear risk of bias for any one of the first three components as being at high risk of bias. Given the theoretical benefit of the biodegradable polymer drug eluting stents after the polymer is absorbed (within first two to nine months), we did a landmark analysis to evaluate for late events, defined as events beyond the first year. For this analysis, events within the first year after stent implantation were censored.Statistical analysesMixed treatment comparisonsFor the purpose of this analysis, we defined eight stent types: bare metal stent, sirolimus eluting stent, paclitaxel eluting stent, cobalt chromium everolimus eluting stent, platinum chromium everolimus eluting stent pandora jewellery, zotarolimus eluting stent Endeavor, zotarolimus eluting stent Resolute, and biodegradable polymer drug eluting stent pandora bracelets.

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