Inquiry: I was taking the declines for 3 weeks and stop when I left for holiday. I two weeks later I took a pregnancy examination which returned positive. I have given that taken three additional test which all returned favorable and it’s been nearly a month without the drops. Could this be an incorrect good?
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I did some study because i had actually never ever become aware of this diet regimen before. Anyhow, from what I have actually checked out is that the HCG goes down ought to be gotten rid of from your system in about 72 hrs. If it has been 2 weeks since you took them I think the best point would certainly be to cal your Medical professional and inform him/her the situation and see if the could offer you either a blood maternity examination or an ultrasound. There should be something they could do to inform you for sure. Below is some information i discovered. Hope this assists—Period-and-Menstrual-Cycle-Questions-Answered

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