1. Our products are produced by an FDA Certified OTC Drug Manufacturer

This first thing that sets our product apart is that our manufacturing facility is FDA Certified for OTC Drug Manufacturing. Products required are listed with the FDA and as assigned their own NDC number (National Drug Code).
What you need to understand about vibrational manufacturing is that vibrational energetic remedies are so powerful and effective and how this product is prepared its classified as food not drug or homeopathic. FDA certification is very important as there are numerous companies selling Homeopathic HCG that are not certified and are not even selling authentic Homeopathic HCG.
Preparing energetic (vibrational) formulas combined with linear science remedies according to the strict FDA guidelines is a very difficult and laborious process and must be done under expert guidance in a facility that is certified to manufacture such methods and very few facilities have this capacity and certification. This means that if you resell HCG from a non-certified facility, it is illegal. It is essential that you know and trust your manufacturer. Many retail customers have reported a huge difference in effectiveness in trying different HCG products and the most likely reason is that some are manufactured properly and some are a scam.

2. cGMP Certified

In addition, our manufacturing facility is also cGMP certified for Good Manufacturing Practices – which is the highest mark of manufacturing excellence. FDA stipulations require this certification be current and ongoing.
Most manufacturers are not cGMP certified as this an expensive and difficult certification to obtain as the criteria is very stringent and detailed.

3. Credibility

Our products are formulated and produced under the supervision of a team of formulators and Herbalists including Eric Olson, herbal design nutritionalists – formulator – manufacturer. We have a Herbologist of 40 years on formulation panal who oversees the quality control of the preparation of the remedies. The advantage of working with experts on staff such as Bio-Chemists, Herbologist, Clinicians, Nutritionalists, Diet Consultants, Health Coaches and Emotional Life Coaches is that you have a source of information to answer your questions and truly understand this diet in depth. Our mission is to teach people how to achieve permanent weight loss with the HCG Diet and natural lifestyle changes.

4. Reliability

We’ve heard a long list of horror stories from working with other manufacturers including:
-Always out of stock
-Takes weeks beyond the promised deadline
-Broken, damaged bottles
-Expensive prices
– Poor bottle quality
-Substandard customer service
-Little to no follow up of requests
-No refunds
These are common problems with make-shift manufacturers but the rare event with ours and when and if it does occur, we send out replacement bottles immediately.
Customer service and quality are our #1 priority! We aim for you to have a seamless, smooth, worry free experience for effective Unique Vibrational HCG needs that surpasses expectations.

5. Shipping Options

Affordable overnight through ground shipping options. We can get it to you as soon as you need it.

6. Experience

Our company has been in business since 1993. Many of these new HCG companies have been in business for 3 weeks. We have custom formulated over 600 herbal/liquid/powder capsule/medicinal/homeopathic/vibrational products since 1993. We have more experience with the HCG Diet with an impressive 700,000 vibrational hCG bottles sold worldwide via our retail partners.

7. VIP Customer Service – 24 Hours or Less

We are continually shocked at the number of people who call us to say that we were the first people to respond to quote requests. Our goal is to respond to all client and prospect emails/phone calls within 5 minutes and at most 24 hours.

8. Return Policy:

You can return generic unopened bottles within 120 days as long as we are still selling that particular product.

9. Custom Orders

Want a different size of bottle? Want a spray top? Want a custom formula that no one else has? Your wish is our command. We can customize orders to the clients specifications on any order over 100 bottles.

10. Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing which decreases with volume. If you are already buying from another supplier, send us a quote or invoice and we will attempt to beat it.

11. Scientific Formulas That Surpass All Other Formulas (Available NOW)

We currently offer five different formulas which were formulated by a team of top scientists and doctors. You can sell our stock label or private label these for your own company. No other company sells these proprietary formulations.

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