MH900408856 5 Weight Loss Secrets – Tips You Have Never ConsideredMany people all over the world seek to lose weight. Different strategies work for different people. Some tips are better than others and induce a higher success rate in weight loss. There’s a lot more to weight loss than popular schemes and diet pills. Schemes can leave the individual out of money with no weight loss to show for it. What are some tips that aren’t commonly shared? What are the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off?

1. First of all, attitude matters.  And while you may be determined to have a good mindset, your body has a say in the matter.  By changing your diet, you are changing your body’s chemical composition.  That action can have a negative effect on your sunny disposition.  For instance, when you decide to cut down on calories, you are actually cutting down on serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical our bodies produce that make us “feel good”, so it’s easy for a diet to make you feel irritable and cranky. Calculate how many calories you burn in your daily activity so you can consume the right amount of calories and keep your serotonin in check is a wise step in weight loss.

2. Don’t use the “I don’t have enough time” excuse. Make sure there is a spot in your busy schedule where you can prepare for the week ahead. Shopping for healthy meal ingredients and having quickly accessible healthy treats is a great way to manage time and weight. Use a couple of hours once day a week to get your shopping done and prepare for future meals. Chopping delicious vegetables ahead of time will help you when time is tight later in the week.

3. Weight loss is affected by money as well. Commonly advertised products and food, such as whole grains and lean meat, have been steadily going up in price due to the demand of health-conscious people. A good way to keep your wallet and your weight happy is to cut down on meat. Eating lean meat once a day saves money and calories! Beans, brown rice, and hearty vegetables are a good way to keep your diet rich in fiber without making your wallet poorer.

4. Eat protein and do strength training. While building up muscle may not be the focus of your diet, research shows that if not enough protein is consumed or not enough strength training is done, the individual will start losing muscle tissue instead of fat.  Additionally, building muscle tissue helps your body burn calories even when you aren’t exercising.   Strive for 20 to 30 minute strength training sessions at least 3 times a week.

5. Never make diet changes that you won’t be able to maintain. Weight loss isn’t a temporary thing; it’s a lifestyle change. Once the pounds are off, you can’t go back to eating as you were before you lost the weight. Try for small lifestyle changes. For example, add extra vegetables to your meals. Create a workout regimen that you’ll actually follow. Don’t do things you’ll hate!

Michele Greiman is an exercise and hiking enthusiast.  In addition to teaching a yoga class at the local gym, she often writes blog articles for Trim Nutrition.

 5 Weight Loss Secrets – Tips You Have Never Considered

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