Reduce 2x Bottled copy Blueline Products Re Formulates Flagship Product To Include Raspberry Ketones Blueline’s Vibrational HCG Formula Now Contains Recently Proven Weight Loss Ingredient

Blueline Products has just made their flagship vibrational hcg diet formula more effective by including the latest weight loss ingredient discovery, Raspberry Ketone. It speeds up the fat burning process.

Salt Lake City, UTAH, August 03, 2012 (PRWEB) – Blueline Products Company has re-formulated it’s flagship weight loss product, Reduce1x. In keeping with their stated policy, a new ingredient that has been thoroughly researched and tested, has been added to the formula. Raspberry Ketones are touted as a “miracle in a bottle”, by Dr. Oz on his health show. The addition of this ingredient is significant, because the existing formula was quite successful, and has sold over one million bottles.

With the ketones added to the formula, there is a real synergistic punch, where each ingredient gives more strength to the other ingredients in the solution. Raspberry Ketones cause an increase in the production of a hormone called adiponectin, which is found in fatty tissue, and improves the body’s capacity to metabolize fat. Studies have shown that the thinner folks have higher levels of this hormone than do obese individuals.

An individual would have to consume at least ninety pounds of fresh raspberries to absorb enough of this nutrient to have a therapeutic effect. Blueline Labs made sure that a full therapeutic dose is now included in the formula. Prior to this ingredient upgrade, people were reporting losing up to thirty pounds in thirty days. This is already a noteworthy result in the weight loss industry.

What has set apart the Blueline Products line of liquid nutriceuticals from other weight loss products, was the ability of their scientists at Blueline Labs, to discover how to vibrationally fuse all of the ingredients together, at a molecular level. This is called micro-encapsulation, and many competitors have tried to duplicate their methodology, but have failed.

 Blueline Products Re Formulates Flagship Product To Include Raspberry Ketones

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