24 Mar 2018
March 24, 2018

Gene moved from Elwood

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He was born in Elwood, Nebraska, to Merle and Gladys Hibbs. Gene moved from Elwood, Nebraska, with his family to Vancouver, Washingon, where he graduated from high school in 1947; then to Valsetz, Oregon, where he met Molly Henry and married her Nov. 21, 1950.

Yosemite is hard to beat for spectacular natural beauty. And while Half Dome is the park’s most acclaimed day hike, it does require an advance permit and scaling a steep rock face with the help of cables. If you’re looking for something more spontaneous (or slightly less intimidating), check out Vernal and Nevada Falls two of the park’s best waterfalls via the Mist Trail and John Muir Trail.

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“It seemed like it was a little frantic mode in here for the last couple of days,” rightfielder Steven Souza Jr. Said. “Some guys were talking about whether the Trop was going to make it. Along with the two confirmed fatal cases last year, there was one other death of a high school player that might have been due to heat stroke, but no autopsy was performed. This compares to five heat stroke deaths in 2006. In the past decade, there have been only two years when no such deaths were recorded: 2002 and 2003..

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