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The six day competition is already underway, with the opening group Designer Fake Bags stage matches taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday. The group stage matches will decide which eight teams make it to the main event, which kicks off on Friday, with the grand final taking place on Sunday. The top two teams from each group, which is played in a GSL format, will advance to the quarter finals..

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Preach, sister. While the industry is cracking cheap replica handbags down on the prevalence of unhealthy models with efforts like Vogue’s Health Initiative, it’s definitely been an uphill battle. Multiple Vogue issues have already broken the agreement since May, and prominent fashion designers like Marc Jacobs continue to hire underage models (while Karl Lagerfeld claims that the problem with too skinny models simply doesn’t exist)..

The North Burnet/Gateway area is the end result of a 10 year series of studies and consultation exercises by the city. Currently, it only exists as a draft master plan, but its scope and its potential impact on North Austin could be enormous. An unevenly shaped zone, it covers 2,300 acres between MoPac, Metric, and Research (plus a bulge west of MoPac, including the Gateway shopping center).

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