29 Sep 2011
September 29, 2011

HCG Wholesale

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HCG Wholesale provides Vibrational ( not Homeopathic diet drops) HCG in bulk for wholesale prices. Minimums start at 24 – 2oz bottles and prices decrease with larger orders. All bottles are manufactured in a US based, FDA registered facility. See our manufacturing practices.

Need help starting your business?

We provide the following:
Diet Protocol E book
82 page Recipe E-book
Journal E-book
Marketing materials,
Brochures as PDF files also custom imprinting available
Support: Products and Diet protocol
Custom Labels

Already have a supplier? Do you have a better offer? Let us compete to earn your business. We are very competitive with our pricing.

If you’re still learning about the opportunity of marketing HCG for weight loss, read more on our Sell HCG

Prices we don’t publish our prices on the web. We like to protect our distributors from their customers going around them to buy.
We do our best to screen new potential wholesalers and encourage them to purchase from those that have introduced them to this rapid growing Vibrational HCG weight loss products.

We like to have a conversation with our distributors so we can help them become successful. We like to provide information of the do’s and don’ts of selling diet HCG drops, Diet Hcg.

Ask us about our Special Offer to get started

Pricing List Please contact us, you will be amazed how quickly we will respond.

All pricing is for 2oz bottles.
Our Reduce 1x (HCG) formula is HCG 1x.
NOTE: we do NOT use water base or alcohol base.
Delivery method is derived from glycerol enabling HCG mother liquid bonding (one time dilution) with energy boost (iodine colloidal structure) and appetite suppressant (botanical blends)
FDA/ OTC MANUFACTURED Kosher certifies, Hala and Vegan compliant.


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