It looks the part, especially in racy R Design trim, but when it comes to on road thrills, it fails to deliver. But this isn’t the point of the Volvo. It’s all about travelling in comfort and style. It’s paired with a revised version of the old car’s seven speed twin clutch gearbox that drives the rear wheels.As you’d expect, performance is explosive. Thanks to the addition of launch control, the car blasted from 0 60mph in just 4.0 seconds in our tests. However, it was during our in gear tests that the Mercedes really stretched itself, using its muscular mid range torque to devastating effect.

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The NVIDIA GeForce 9 series of graphics cards has finally arrived! Today, NVIDIA is announcing the GeForce 9600 GT video card and while it may not be as anticipated as previous generations, it still marks a significant turning point. Usually, a new series is kicked off by the fastest card in the bunch, but this time around NVIDIA is launching the GeForce series at the heart of the discrete graphics market, the $169 189 price range. For that price range, NVIDIA believes the GeForce 9600 GT is the right choice for consumers.

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Kellogg’s already makes artificial dye free fruit snacks for children in Britain, but that dye free option is not available in the United States. Why? British officials were so concerned by the scientific studies linking artificial food dyes to behavioral issues in children that they required manufacturers to place a warning label on foods made with food dyes. The label reads, have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

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