Ass Shove: Kancho kun/The Splinter’s specialty and does this Up to Eleven in the later story arcs. Badass Adorable: The original series had Ruby, a mind controlling ninja little girl, and Shinsetsu has Pokomi, an absurdly strong Magical Girl Warrior. Bald of Evil: Duh! Although, oddly, many Hair Hunt Troops have hair. Most of them, though, fit the trope. Maybe people who decide to work willingly for the Hair Hunters have the privilege of keeping their hair. Although it is mentioned that some of the Hair Hunters are wearing wigs.

Celine Bags Outlet Amazon Brigade: Yorga’s brides act as this for him. And Then John Was a Zombie: No one makes it out of these films alive. Or at the least with their humanity and morality intact. The Bad Guy Wins: Even though he dies at the end of both films. Yorga winds up winning posthumously due to a combination of his vampirisim being permanent, everyone who invades his compound being killed or turned, said surviving turned vampires still being evil, and that anyone outside those who knew about him being unaware that vampires exist. Breaking and Bloodsucking: In both films, in the first by Yorga himself. The second by his brides to kidnap a target. Cassandra Truth: Both movies have them in some form or another. Choke Holds: Yorga rather favorite method of execution. As he’s a vampire and has superhuman strength, its very effective. Does Not Like Shoes: Yorga’s brides go around barefoot. Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette: Erica in the first movie, Mitzi in the second. Both after becoming vampires. Evil Makeover: Yorga’s a very old fashioned vampire, so a lot of his female victims wear gowns after turning. Their pale skin and wild unkempt hair help complete the ensemble. Hope Spot: Both movies end with the final two survivors managing to kill Yorga. But one of them is revealed Celine Replica to have been recently turned into a vampire and feeds on the last survivor. The Igor: Brudah, Yorga’s deformed servant. Infant Immortality: Averted. While it wasn’t used in the first film, there’s mention of a baby being found dead in the woods with teeth marks on its neck and drained of blood. And somewhat unseen in the second, when the kid character runs into Yorga and is turned evil by his power. Kill ’em All: All the characters, including Yorga, are either killed or turned into vampires. Large Ham: Yorga when taunting his opponents:Yorga: (Over the intercom in his mansion) Dr. Baldwin. This is Count Yorga. You are going to die. You’ve been a fool, Doctor, and now you are going to die a horrible death. Celine Bags Outlet

Celine Replica Due to being a slight Setting Update, the movie omits these references entirely. The Slacker: Will. Soundtrack Dissonance: With a ho, ho, ho and a hey, hey, hey, It’s Santa’s super sleigh Uncle Pennybags: Whilst he is nowhere near as rich as most of the examples, Will is able to afford a really nice apartment in the middle of London and really is fun to be around, despite never having a job thanks to the royalties from his dad’s song. Celine Replica

Cheap Celine Bags 0% Approval Rating: No one on Earth 3 likes the Crime Syndicate. At all. All There in the Script: Olympia, the superpowered woman with a spear who fights Wonder Woman and is her Mirror Universe counterpart with regards to powers and origin (Superwoman is actually an analogue to Mary Marvel), is never named in the movie. All Your Base Are Belong to Us: The Super Family “pops over to the universe next door”. Later, the League repays the favor. Annoying Arrows: Justified for J’onn. It’s pretty hard to hit anything vital on a shapeshifter. Apocalypse How: Owlman attempts a Class Z, which Batman ends up foiling. Batman’s efforts knock it down to a Class X on an uninhabited Earth. Earth Prime suffered a Class 6, having been knocked out of its orbit. The entire surface is barren and only the slightest of traces that there ever was civilization remains. Appeal to Force: The Crime Syndicate is so powerful that the police won’t act against them and Slade Wilson, the President of the United States, will acquiesce to whatever demands they make of him. Are We There Yet?: “That wasn’t funny the first fifteen times you said it either!” Arson, Murder, and Admiration: Superwoman explains that Owlman is her kind of psychopath. Art Major Physics: The QED trigger can’t be destroyed because it’s Pure Energy, but even if that is true, energy can be converted from one form to another and/or dissipated. Still, it’s a common enough trope in this genre to be ignored. Attack! Attack! Attack!: When J’onn J’onzz stops Archer’s arrow and shows that he’s completely unharmed by it, what does Archer do? Shoot more arrows! Ax Crazy: Superwoman. Owlman, too, but he’s more quiet about it. Badass Boast: Ultraman points out why he is the Boss of Bosses. Aquaman is told Captain Super is stronger than him:Aquaman: That remains to be seen. (bitchslap!) Cheap Celine Bags.

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