13 Dec 2013
December 13, 2013

) Just remember to wear it with joy

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Evening with the United States and the United States Karl dolls 80000
Super Gourd back to the social friends
Small incense and the most classic 227 – Original price ? 300000 ??? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? signature – Price ?? 140,000
size ? long 35 wide 11 high 22 https://www.designerreplicabags.com
old and new sources of ? ? new
shop to buy
accessories ? big black box purchase card
no other remarks ? ensure genuine issue will have to pay the legal responsibility
On 2008 – Asia Big Show held in Hong Kong
Karl personally fly Hong Kong and signed 3 packages at the scene
Only Carl subverts Ms. Chanel lady COCO
Design without losing the original intention < br> leaving a new generation of Chanel fashion girl

? Lafayette KL Teddy Bear (? ? – ?) ?
? global Limited 2500
? 40 cm tall sheepskin 2008 senior Angola Mao
? white part of the senior ostrich leather
? there are five key
?KL movable belt leather tie Swarovski rhinestones

is right to point to the Arab-Israeli blood
she was one of 100 people
influence on the fashion of the most important 20th century
Times in 1883, she was born in France Aubergine born to poor
she is Ms. Coco Chanel fragrance Nile
< br> also born in February 1955
facelift in 1980 and became known as coco classic Flap bag

Asia 2008 in Hong Kong together with rookie Lafayette in Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld
Signed autograph – accompanied by Teddy Bear KL global limited edition of Lafayette.

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It’s exciting to take a new bottle of perfume you love from its box. Maybe you’ve been lucky this holiday season and received a bottle. (Dear Santa, that would be the large L’Artisan Parfumeur Havana Vanille, please.) Just remember to wear it with joy.

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