Control 10x

Control 10x is a fast acting appetite suppressant, weight loss drops, reduces appetite with a few drops and a built in energy boost. 10 drops under the tounge 30 minutes before you eat. Also you can take 10 drops in between your meals if needed. All natural and sweet to the taste. 2 oz bottle – Diet Support for customers by email, text, and phone.

Whereas, Glycerin (one of the main materials we are utilizing) holds to vibration and molecular microencapsulating properties much better and as a carrying medium will hold the vibration much longer.

Additionally, adding vibrational charges to a quantum blank material only increases the product as long as the frequencies used are not mutually exclusive (IE a charge from a stimulating material and another charge from a depressing material which have different wave forms that may not assist each other.) This means that we can charge more than just one vibration to a blank material creating enhancements beyond a basic vibrational (not homeopathic) HCG diet drops 1x product.