The American Dream Is Alive And Well
, and Dave Smith is living proof that you can still start small, and make it big in America. In the State of Utah, this is one citizen that worked his rear end off to be able to offer his kids a bright future. Nothing was given to Dave on a silver platter. He had to earn every dime he was able to get his hands on. It took everything he had when he opened his first small print shop.

If he could work 24-hours a day, he would have. He worked long hours, and became more knowledgeable about his new trade. Dave became successful, and supported his wife and kids for over 20 years from this business he had built. Little did he know that he would have another business, in a different industry, that would be even more successful. Sometimes, situations create opportunity, as was the case here. And sometimes, a person doesn’t plan on proving that The American Dream Is Alive And Well.

Dave had sold his printing business, and found himself a little out of shape, and wanted to lose some weight. At the same time, his Dad was experiencing health problems related to being overweight. Dave thought it was a great time to learn how to help his Dad, while also helping himself get trim. He knew that his Mom and Dad had tried several Diet Plans to no avail.

What he did was to begin an in depth study of the weight loss market. He studied all of the popular weight loss supplements, and their ingredients. Clinical Studies were reviewed to see what ingredients worked the best. Dave came up with a formula for a liquid preparation to lose weight, but his formula would include an appetite suppressant. Dave knew that his Dad could not stay on a Diet when he felt like he was starving.

Dave always felt that The American Dream Is Alive And Well, but he never thought he would be a shining example. He had an FDA Approved Nutriceutical Lab produce a batch of his new formula. This high tech formula included many Botanical Extracts and Herbs, all super
processed into a concentrated liquid form. It was so concentrated, that just a few drops under the tongue was supposed to kick-start your metabolism.

A group of test subjects was chosen for a test trial of the new product. Dave Smith insisted on being one of the test subjects. All 43 test subjects lost weight, in varying amounts. Dave ended up with a weight loss of 30 pounds in 30 days. Pretty astonishing. Most of the test subjects had equal results.

Everybody was surprised that they did not feel starved all of the time, and had plenty of energy for their busy days. This became a successful business because of referrals. So many people wanted to know where they could get the product, that it became a chain reaction. The business grew by leaps and bounds, and has passed the one million bottles sold milestone.

Now, Dave wants to share his success with other would be entrepreneurs. His company, Blueline Products is accepting Dealer/Distributor Applications for a limited time. This is a ground floor opportunity to get into the weight loss business with no investment. The weight loss industry does well in any kind of economy. Blueline Products now has a complete line-up of nutritional products that are made through an exclusive process. Affiliates can sign up online, and no investment is required. Turnkey websites are available, as is a host of marketing materials.

It makes great sense to check out this opportunity to prove that The American Dream Is Alive And Well.

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 The American Dream Is Alive And Well

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